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Feeling Frustrated by Rude, Unappreciative, and Non-Compliant Clients?

You worked hard to get into this profession so you could help animals. But what you may not have been anticipating was the strain it would take to deal with the humans that come along with those pets.

But Dealing with Pet Parents Doesn’t Have to Be a Drain.

With the right mindset shift and communication techniques, you can develop positive and fulfilling relationships with clients that can help you better serve your patients.

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If You’re Looking To…

  • Increase client compliance
  • Deal with fewer rude and angry clients
  • Start setting compassionate but effective boundaries
  • Improve your exam room confidence
  • Learn how to let go and move past negative client interactions
  • Develop fulfilling long-term relationships with pet parents

I Can Help!

My new one-on-one coaching plan is here to give you the tools you need to deal with clients compassionately, effectively, and fulfillingly.

What do you get when you sign up for coaching?

3 personalized calls with Dr. Smith ($750 value)

  • Mastering Mindset
  • The Exam Room Experience
  • Post Client Processing

Workbooks and Guides ($150 value)

  • Morning Mindset Journal
  • De-escalation phrases and techniques
  • Daily Debrief Journal
  • Boundary Setting Workbook
  • Emergency Preparedness workbook for clients
  • Discussing Finances with Clients Workbook
  • Recommended Reading List

2 Month Follow Up Call ($125 value)

Email Support During Program ($50 value)

Total Program Cost– $1000

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Why Work With The Vetitude?

After 14 years in clinical small animal practice including GP, emergency, and relief work, I may seem cool, confident, and collected when it comes to dealing with clients. But I wasn’t always that way. In fact, for a long time, I suffered from social anxiety. Dealing with clients didn’t come naturally to me. Not like science; physiology, math, pharmacology. And while I watched many of my classmates struggle with worrying that they weren’t smart enough to be vets…I secretly spent my time worrying I wasn’t enough of a people person. I let my fears impact my career. Like many people, I started to wonder if I’d made a mistake going into vet med. But I LOVED vet med. I just didn’t know how to handle this one aspect of the job–people. But people are an integral and rewarding part of veterinary medicine. So I figured out how to do it. And while I still often get anxiety before going to talk to a client, it’s gotten so much easier, and most of the time I truly enjoy it. And now I want to pass along the tools that have helped me overcome my fears and conquer client interactions so that you can recapture your love of veterinary medicine too!

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