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Dr. Lauren Smith, DVM

Dr. Lauren Smith, DVM

Dr. Lauren Smith is a practicing small animal veterinarian from Long Island, New York. She has been creating veterinary content since 2015. Her writing has been featured on prominent medical and veterinary blogs such as Dr. Andy Roark and KevinMD. Dr. Smith has spoken at veterinary schools and conferences such as the Uncharted Veterinary Conference and the AVMA Annual Convention.

She is a pet mom to a blue-eyed poodle mix named Frankie (check him out @FidoFrankie on Instagram) and a very needy cat named Charlie. She is also an aunt to a smart, funny, strong-willed niece. When not too lazy, she likes to run and has completed several half marathons and one marathon. She is an extroverted-introvert who loves to interact with people, then lock herself up in her apartment whenever she can to read, write, and binge-watches Netflix.

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